Integrated Computer Enterprises was initially conceived in
the early eighties on home computers but we've come
a long way since then.

After eight years providing core business software
on IBM midrange computers, we identified the
power of PCs to provide innovative solutions,
delivering more efficient systems than ever
before. We've been doing so ever since.

The web was the obvious next step for
us and our clients offering immediate
access to customers, and instant
distribution to users all over
the world.

About Us

We have over 30 years experience in the IT industry. Our
services include consultancy, web development, SEO,
contract personel for in-house developments,
and complete software solutions.

We also operate a number of our own
commericial web sites.


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Try our commerical sites
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We are currently developing a news aggregation service
 which will enable any site to include relevant news
   stories from many respected news publishers
 without any development
or expense.